DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi

The new DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi is a 4K high definition, wireless, smart home speaker. It features built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. With this device, you can play your favourite music, movies, and audiobooks from various streaming services, such as Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and more. You can also control your connected devices with the app.

So, according to your needs, here we come up with me. This is because a 4K TV has a wider and higher resolution. As a result, you will see more details on the screen than with an HD TV.

In this article, I will show you the pros and cons of the Samsung projector so that you can decide whether or not to buy it.

We will discuss DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi and explain the different features so that we will provide you with all the information about so; by reading my complete article and finding help.

Our Recommendations: DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi

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Support 4D Keystone Correction

Upgrade 9500L Full HD Outdoor Movie Projector

Connective with VGA, USB Type C, HDMI



There have no cons

Unique Design

This projector is designed with the latest technology, high-quality material and excellent performance. It’s really stylish and attractive, and it looks like a modern design. This is the perfect device to enhance your home network experience. 

The design of this camera is pretty simple. It has a USB interface which allows you to charge it from a computer. This will make it much easier to transfer files to your computer. The design is quite good. It has a white plastic body, a black handle, and a lens cover. There is a 2-digit LED display on the front of the camera. The power indicator shows green and red to indicate whether the camera is charging or not. You can easily see the camera’s status while the battery is charging.

Its unique design allows you to place it anywhere in your room, including the ceiling, which is perfect for use with big-screen TVs and monitors.


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The DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector is a high-quality portable projector that offers a clear, crisp image for watching movies, slides, and presentations. With a full HD resolution, this projector supports 4K content, so you can watch movies and play games with enhanced detail. It supports 3D and 4D movies, too.

Its compact, portable design makes it easy to transport anywhere. Using the included mounting bracket, you can easily mount it on the wall, ceiling, or table.

POWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector is a high-performance projector designed for outdoor applications. It’s suitable for large-scale displays, events, camping, festivals, business meetings, parties and other outdoor activities.

POWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector uses full HD video technology. With its long-throw lens design, the projectors’ light beam can reach a distance of over 7 meters.

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POWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector supports wireless connection, so it can connect to your device and start playing content anytime. The projector is a great choice for people who want to watch movies outside. They can project videos or images on a large screen. People who like to go out on a sunny day to relax can enjoy watching a movie outdoors with these outdoor movie projectors.

The projector uses WiFi to connect to your smartphone, laptop, or any device with internet access. It also has a built-in speaker that you can use to listen to music while you watch a movie. If you want to project videos on a large screen, you can use this projector to watch movies outside. You can even use it to show slideshows or presentations. The projector has a wide-angle lens that can projector images on a large screen.

What’s in the Box

The DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi router features a sleek, simple design. This is the perfect device to enhance your home network experience. The back of the router includes a power switch, Ethernet port, and USB port for connecting peripherals. The front of the device includes a WiFi password setting button, a LED indicator light, and a reset button. The DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi router includes a user guide.

Real Native 1080P Resolution

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DBPOWER RD828 Full HD 1080P Native projector utilizes the bright LED light and LCD display technology, upgrade with 9500 high lumen brightness, 10000:1 high contrast significantly provides over 50+% sharpness and brightness than another 1080p projector in the market and more colourful image for home entertainment. With a native 1920x1080p resolution, 3 times of pixels than other 720p projectors, it’s the most cost-effective 1080p projector.

A projector with the same pixel resolution is expensive, but with this projector, you can enjoy a true 1080p picture without losing detail. With a full-colour LED light source, this projector has excellent colour reproduction.

The natural native resolution is not just a standard resolution; it is 1080p resolution and much higher than 720p. If you compare 1080p resolution with 720p resolution, you can see 3 times more detail in 1080p than in 720p.

For example,

if you are viewing a video clip, you can see 3 times more details in 1080p than in 720p. If you watch a football game, the 1080p resolution can show the details of every player on the field, while the 720p resolution only shows a small portion of the field. 1080p is 3 times sharper than 720p.

To get a true HD picture, you should check the projector’s resolution you are considering purchasing. A 1080p projector will typically have a 1920 x 1080, while the resolution of a 720p projector will be 720 x 480. This is why you should make sure that the resolution of the projector you are buying is 1920 x 1080. You will need to know this information before you buy a projector. 

WIFI Screen Sync Technology

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This new WIFI screen sync technology allows you to easily connect your iOS/Android device to your projector, making the projector become a wireless display with built-in WIFI.

No more hassle of extra adapters and dongles

The WIFI screen sync technology requires only the WIFI router in your home to connect all devices that support WIFI connectivity, so no more hassle of extra adapters and dongles will make screen sync come true.

Many people have no idea that this technology has existed in the industry. But now, with WIFI Screen Sync Technology, people can connect their mobile phone to a wireless projector and enjoy a high-definition movie on the big screen. This technology makes it possible to view your smartphone or tablet screen on the big screen.

DBPOWER Native 1080P is the latest WIFI technology. Now it will make your home theater experience amazing. With this technology, you will be able to share your home theater with your friends and family using your cell phone, tablet, computer, etc. This technology can be used for TV, movies, music, video games and other multimedia content.

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You can use your existing router for connection and setup, no extra purchase is required. You can easily connect your mobile device to the projector wirelessly, with just a WIFI connection. This technology allows you to show content from your smartphone, laptop, tablet and even computer.

You will be able to do so simply by connecting the projector to your WiFi network. With this feature, you will be able to change the brightness level and volume of the projector’s audio with your mobile device. You can also share your favourite videos with your friends.

Zoom Function

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The biggest feature of our RD 828 1080p mini projector is the innovative 4-point keystone correction, an upgraded 4d keystone correction. 4d keystone can only adjust the vertical or horizontal directions, while the 4p keystone realizes that the 4 corners of the picture can all be adjusted separately, which is more practical, convenient and user-friendly. With the zoom function, it can shrink the image size to -50% using the remote without moving the projector.

Keystone Correction: The biggest feature of our RD 828 1080p mini projector is the innovative 4-point keystone correction, an upgraded 4d keystone correction.

If you use the native 1080p mini projector for the first time, you should know about its functions. The zoom function allows you to shrink the image size to -50%. You will find that this is useful when you are watching a movie in a small room. You may not want to move the projector around to enlarge the image. You can use this function instead. When you finish the movie, you can just shrink the image size to -50% with the zoom function.

It is like zooming in and out watching a big screen television. While watching movies, you can zoom in and out using the remote. You will also be able to zoom in on the image while you are watching it on the TV. There is no need to move the projector at all. You can also zoom in and out when you’re watching a video online. This will allow you to have a better view of the video. You can use the zoom function anytime you are viewing the image.

Remote Control: Remote Control: Remote control allows you to adjust the projector’s brightness from up to 50ft away.

Another unique feature of this projector is its keystone correction. You can adjust the vertical or horizontal directions. This will make the picture appear more natural when you watch movies.

USB Upgrade System

The projector is a very important thing for this type of project. This device is also called a “wireless projector”. With a USB upgrade system, you can watch movies and PDF documents from anywhere in your home. You can download movies from the internet and watch them on your TV screen without connecting to your computer.

With the USB upgrade system, you can also watch videos and listen to music from your USB stick. You can also watch video files and listen to audio files that you have downloaded from the internet. With this type of projector, you can get your office files, play videos and listen to music from the same location.

You can easily connect your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone to this wireless projector. It doesn’t require an extra adapter or any other accessory to be connected. You just have to connect your smartphone to the projector. This device is also wireless. It has a built-in rechargeable battery. You can charge this projector using a USB cable.

It can be used outdoors too. It’s very easy to use.

Offline Upgrade

You can view Word, Excel, and PDF files directly on the projector. All you need to do is insert the USB stick into the projector. You don’t need to install any software. It supports local offline updates.

Online Upgrade

It can also be updated online. It can be connected to the internet. You can install all kinds of software on the projector. You need to plug it into your router. You can also add new features to the projector.

Lamp Life & Warranty

The lamp is one of the essential parts of the projector. It is the main component that produces the light and determines the projector’s lifetime. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the lamp life as well as the lamp warranty. The lamp life refers to the valuable time of the lamp. A lamp that lasts 1000000 hours is considered a long-lasting lamp. The lamp warranty is how long the lamp is guaranteed to last.

DBPOWER RD 828 is a portable projector with a long lamp life of 100000 hours. This portable 1080p projector is suitable for home movie entertainment, backyard, games, yoga, and party usage. You can watch movies, play games, and perform other tasks with this device without having to worry about it going out of battery or dying. The lamp life is extended to 1000000 hours. Besides, the new RDX lamp has a stable luminance and can fully project movies and images with vibrant colours and clear outlines.

[Warranty]: This projector comes with a 3-year warranty and free technical support. In the unlikely event of a problem, DBPOWER will replace the projector or provide technical support and free repair services.


The lamp life is extended to 1000000 hours.

With the support of 4D Keystone Correction

High-quality video projection with excellent viewing angles of 100°/150°

it’s lightweight, small and easy to handle.


It was a bit expensive.

Conclusion DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi

In the end, We hope that this post helped you find DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi and that you liked our review. If you want to ask anything about DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi, please comment below, and we will reply to you.

You should look at the product and check out its pros and cons. After that, you should decide based on what you have learned from it. You should know that your decision will decide whether you will buy it or not. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dbpower projector a good brand?

Do you know how important it is to read about the products before making a purchase? You need to know what you are buying. In this article, I have given you some information about the product. I hope you have understood it. Now you should take time and look at the product closely.

You need to look at the product from different angles. It would be best if you tried to consider the pros and cons of it. Try to find out how the product works. Do not just buy the product because you think it is a good deal. You should be able to decide whether it is a good product. You should know what you are getting and what you are paying for.

Is a 1080p projector good for movies?

If you are looking for a quality projector that can deliver images in HD format, then you should look at the DBPower native 1080P WiFi projector. This projector is designed to deliver stunning, crystal-clear pictures. You can easily watch movies, TV shows, and more on the big screen. You will be able to enjoy the show with ease when you use this projector.

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