Top 10 Best Projectors Under 100$ In 2023

Top 10 Best Projectors Under 100$ In 2023

Most people don’t know the importance of projection devices. Projectors are the best way to make presentations, presentations of videos, presentations of documents etc. These are used to make the audience understand the topic properly. Projectors are used to show the content of computer screens, smartphones, tablets and also televisions.

The best feature of a projector is its ability to show bright colours, images, and video on a big screen. Projectors can be used in a home, schools, businesses, and industries. The projectors can be connected to a TV, laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer. The best projectors are those which are easy to use and affordable.

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But, if you are searching for the projectors under 100$, then you are at the right place. This article provides a list of the top 10 projectors under 100$ in 2023. that will give you the best quality and performance.

We will discuss Projectors under 100$ and explain the different features so that we will provide you with all the information about so; by reading my complete article and finding help.

Our Recommendations: Top 10 Best Projectors Under 100$ In 2023

DesignUnder BudgetRetailer
PONER SAUND WiFi Mini Projector
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DRJ Upgrade 7500Lumens
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PVO Portable Projector for
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Staff PickUpgraded 7500 Lumens 
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CiBest iPhone Projector
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Budget PickAuKing Mini Projector 2022
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Mini projector for iPhone
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ManyBox Mini Projector
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Best PickMini Projector, Portable WiFi
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Wsky Video Portable Projector
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PONER SAUND WiFi Mini Projector
PONER SAUND WiFi Mini Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

PONER SAUND WiFi Mini Projector


It has a very clear image

The speaker is very clear, and the sound volume is good.

The speaker can adjust the volume so that you can play music at any time.

It allows you to play music and watch movies simultaneously.

The Projector also supports multiple input sources, including HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and audio.


It doesn’t support Bluetooth.

Key Features

★ Supports 1080P (1920 x 1080P supported)

★ Ultra-short throw distance (16:9, 4:3

PONER SAUND WiFi Mini Projector is a very portable wireless projector. It can support multi-screen interaction. It is easy to play, use and carry. It is the best choice for people who like watching movies, TV shows, and other entertainment content on their phones, tablets, or computers. It is no need for any extra cables and adapters. It can display images in a very large size. You can connect it to your mobile devices via WiFi technology. The PONER SAUND WiFi Mini Projector is portable. You can use it in small rooms, conference rooms, restaurants, shops, bars, gyms, classrooms and other places.

The projector has a bright 5500 lumens with higher resolution, the sharper the picture. A high-definition (HD) television can display 1920x1080P (1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 vertically). Most projectors and other devices can display 1024x768P. You will be able to see everything clearly. High-resolution gaming requires very good resolution, and your resolution must be high-quality.

PONER SAUND Mini Projector supports 40 inch-210 inch screen size, which is suitable for home theater use. The viewing distance is only about 6.5 ft, and the size of the projector is only about 9.5x7x3 inches. The projector has a big screen size of 40″, 60″, 75″, 100″, 105″, 120″, 150″, 200″ and 210″. These models have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 4:3. The bigger the screen size, the smaller the image quality will be.

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PONER SAUND Mini Projector can be used for both indoor and outdoor projection, while the indoor projection range is 5-15 ft and the outdoor projection range is 6.5 ft-15 ft.

The speaker is built-in on the portable projector and offers a powerful voice quality. It supports MP3, WMA, AAC and so on to play music. The speaker is very clear, and the sound volume is good. The speaker can adjust the volume so that you can play music at any time. It allows you to play music and watch movies at the same time.

The projector also supports multiple input sources, including HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and audio. Connects to various devices wirelessly, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, PS, PSV, Blu-ray players, PC, DVD players, TV, game consoles, home theatre systems, speakers, etc. 

It has 2 years warranty. And support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if there are any problems, our customer service team will help you solve them.

DRJ Upgrade 7500Lumens
DRJ Upgrade 7500Lumens (Image credit: Amazon)

DRJ Upgrade 7500Lumens


The Projector is very easy to carry around.

This Projector can provide you with amazing images.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery.


There is no remote control included.

An ideal choice for home entertainment: Our LED mini Projector is great for home theatre, indoor and outdoor movies & kinds of video games by HDMI port connection. You can also connect your home theater or surround sound system to improve sound quality. Recommended using in a dark environment.

DRJ Upgrade has been designed specifically for outdoor use. To meet our customer’s new needs, we have improved not only the projector’s brightness and contrast ratio. Enjoy the great movies outside with your family in your yard. The 7500 lumens high brightness allows you to enjoy your favourite movies outdoors. The high contrast ratio can help you to enjoy the movies you watch outdoors. The brightness of the projector can be adjusted easily. The image quality is great.

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This perfect projector is for home theater, home office, study, home cinema, conference room, bar, restaurant, and many more. This projector has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which means that it is capable of producing full HD videos. It has a contrast ratio of 2000:1, which means that the difference between the brightest white and darkest black will be 2000 times. This projector has a lamp lifetime of 40000 hours, lasting several years. The size of this projector is 32 inches – 176 inches, with a projected distance of 1.5m-5m. This product has a resolution of 1920 X 1080 with a 4:3 aspect ratio. This projector can display images in 16:9 format.

Our outdoor movie projector is suitable for portable use. This product is designed for outdoor use. You can connect this product to a TV box, tablet, Chromebook, PC, SD Card, USB Flash Drive, laptop, computer, video games, Blu-ray DVD player, smartphone, music player, and much more. You can connect the connection PORTABLE to these devices using a wireless HDMI dongle. The wireless HDMI dongle can be used to connect the projection system to HDMI TVs, Blu-ray players, or monitors. The wireless HDMI dongle can be easily connected and disconnected from the projection system.

Mini LED projectors are portable devices that You can use for your home theater, Indoor and Outdoor movies and games by HDMI port connection. You can also connect your home theater or surround sound system to improve sound quality. You can also connect your home theater or surround sound system to improve sound quality.

PVO Portable Projector for
PVO Portable Projector for (Image credit: Amazon)

PVO Portable Projector for


This is an easy projector to use.

The built-in charger makes this product very convenient.

You can connect it to your laptop or desktop easily.


It doesn’t support a USB-C connection

Projector for Children is a portable projector specially designed to provide kids with entertainment. Kids love watching cartoons and videos, but when they are at home, there are no suitable places to display such devices. It is small, light and easy to carry around. It can also be installed anywhere in the house. It can also be used as a remote control or video game controller. This projector has a maximum projection distance of 120cm (about 46″).

Kids can also use this mini projector, teenagers and even adults. The small size makes this video projector suitable for travel. It can be carried in a pocket or bag. You can enjoy movies, videos and games no matter at home or in the outdoor courtyard, travel, camping and other location. You can also carry it with you on vacation. If you have a short stay in a hotel room, you can use this projector to watch movies, videos and games. The projector can be used both indoors and outdoors. 

The PVO YG300PRO improved in 2022 and can support resolutions up to 1080p, and the native resolution has been increased to 800*480. It can offer much higher brightness with improved colours than the previous model. It can also project better pictures in dark rooms. This projector has a unique design of a special lens system with high precision.

The projector is equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, audio and other interfaces. It can be easily connected to multiple media devices, such as TV boxes, laptops, desktop computers, digital cameras, HDMI-enabled devices to play video, TV series, photo sharing and games etc. Some devices require an additional HDMI adapter, which is not included.

For example, you can use this projector to connect to your laptop to view videos, presentations and movies on a big screen. This projector is equipped with HDMI, VGA, and USB 2.

The portable projector has a built-in battery, which can provide about 4 hours of operation (when it’s fully charged). The portable projector can provide a maximum of 10 hours of projection time. This means that if you have it set to full brightness for a long time, you may need to charge the battery after about 4 hours. There is no need to worry about the battery’s power when we use this product. The power bank supply will provide stable power, and the power bank is very simple and easy to operate. When you have a problem with power, this will be helpful to you.

Staff Pick
Upgraded 7500 Lumens 
Upgraded 7500 Lumens  (Image credit: Amazon)

Upgraded 7500 Lumens 


It projects images without flickering.

It doesn’t emit high heat and can save energy.

It uses the automatic dimming function.

You can adjust the brightness level.


The installation process is complicated.

If you are looking home theater for your movie or for other purposes, our upgraded 7500Lumens projector is the best choice. You can enjoy a happy movie night or play video games with your family, even for the dark display projections. Our 5-layer LCD can assure you of getting a fidelity projection colour and effect as they can adjust each colour channel’s brightness and contrast ratio.

A great way to enjoy the quality of home cinema or video games is to add a pair of speakers. You can enjoy real sound effects equal to the cinema, KTV and video games just in your home. We also offer an easy headphone jack to let you connect the speaker to the projector. It is a great way to enhance your movie experience. You can enjoy the real surround sound effects. No more surround speakers you have to buy in the market. Just with the sound effect of your home theater system and 3.5mm jack, you can experience the real sound experience.

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This is a big projector with big screen size, 7500 Lumen, and 100 inch LCD. The size is very large and can fit anywhere. This projector is made to be used daily, so it includes a screen you can set up and enjoy the show. It’s a projector with HDMI input and VGA input that can connect to the TV screen, laptop screen, Blue-Ray DVD player, TV Stick, ROKU, PS4, WII, Smartphones and any other screens. It uses a USB cable to connect to your laptop, smartphone, and other devices. It also has a VGA port so you can connect your TV to the projector.

What are the special features of our projectors? 1. Built-in Speakers. It allows you to watch movies anytime and anywhere. 2. Automatic Lamp Dimming. We can install it in your backyard or even on the beach. Because the projector uses advanced and energy-saving LED lamps instead of traditional bulbs, you don’t have to worry about burning the bulb.

You don’t need to worry about getting a new battery after long use because the projector can work continuously for 10 years. This is a large-sized outdoor projection system, which has seven times more lumens than standard LED projectors. It is very energy-saving. You can use it for eight hours per day, and it will still work perfectly.

CiBest iPhone Projector
CiBest iPhone Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

CiBest iPhone Projector


It provides ±15° manual keystone correction to fit various projection screens.

It is very easy to put into a bag for storage.

You can adjust the stand angle of the projector.


It cannot adjust the brightness automatically.

The best iPhone Projector comes with a 2020 uprated chip; it is 80% brighter than other mini projectors. It provides 1080p Full HD resolution, high contrast ratio, and 6000:1 brightness, making the images clearer and richer in colour and much brighter. Its lightweight and portable design can help you enjoy a movie anytime, anywhere. Best iPhone Projector has a lot of unique features.

For example, this projector can easily provide a movie experience that is different from others. The best projector has a high contrast ratio of 6000:1, making the images crisp and bright. It supports 1080p full HD resolution and supports up to 60 inches of screen size. It is perfect for watching movies and videos with a big screen.

The new model of CiBest iPhone Projector, CIBEST iPRO, is specially designed for iPad and iPhone users. It is a great tool for making presentations and giving lectures. It supports both portrait and landscape modes for iPad. And also it supports both portrait and landscape modes for iPhone.

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Best iPhone Projector works with TV sticks, PC, laptops, tablets, Blu-ray DVD players, TF cards, USB flash drives, PSX/XBOX/WII, media players (music, pictures, video, TXT), and headphones. You can also connect it to your iPad, iPhone, and Android smartphones (You need to buy an extra HDMI adapter, you can’t connect the phone with a USB cable). 

The built-in speakers provide stunning sound effects. The speakers are built into the base, which gives you great sound quality. The projector is compatible with both Apple Airplay and Bluetooth. The speakers have a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz. The sound quality of the speakers is awesome. Also, you can connect your home theater system for a better sound via the 3.5mm audio output. The speakers will work in a range of 10 – 150db. You can adjust the volume according to your preference.

3.9 – 8.2Ft Projection Distance

The optimal viewing size of the projector is from 60″ to 80″ with a 3.9-8.2 ft projection distance. The projector can be used as a portable projector as well. You can carry it around with you. The iPhone projector is a compact projector which can show the image size up to 80 inches with a wide viewing angle. The first thing you will notice about this projector is its large screen. It has a screen size ranging from 30″ to 200″. This means that you can project anything you want on this screen.

The most popular projector, the Mini Projector CiBest, has been designed for people who love travelling. This portable mini projector can be folded up compactly and weighs only 2.25 lb. It can be used everywhere and carried around easily. It is very simple to put this mini projector into a bag for storage. 

±15° manual keystone correction

This projector can provide ±15° manual keystone correction to fit to various projection screens. This is one of the major features of the best portable projector.


The best mini projector has a 7. 87 x 5. 5 x 2. 7 inch/ 2. 25 lb weight, is very light and portable, and is easy to carry. The projector can be adjusted with the angle of the stand. So you don’t have to worry about it when you watch movies on the sofa. The projector can be used indoors and outdoors. It works well for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The projector’s great cooling Most of these devices use liquid cooling systems that will allow you to watch movies on a big screen without making a lot of noise.

Budget Pick
AuKing Mini Projector 2022
AuKing Mini Projector 2022 (Image credit: Amazon)

AuKing Mini Projector 2022


Its brightness can be controlled with ease.

Its light weight makes it easy to carry around.

It has a 2-year warranty


It is a bit expensive


Projection Display Size: 32~170 inches (diagonal)

Projection Distance: 1m- 5m

Built-in Speaker Quality:

AuKing Mini Projector 2022 is the best projector for under 100$. The AuKing Mini Projector 2022 offers you a premium home cinema experience with a bigger screen and clearer image. It comes with super brightness that is much greater than others in the same category. This will allow you to enjoy the movies on a big screen and get the clearest images.

This projector has a resolution of 1080p and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. This means that the images produced by this projector are of very high quality. Brings you a 35% brighter image than similar projectors in the market. It provides you with a premium home cinema experience with a bigger screen and clearer image.

The AuKing mini Projector 2022 has a 32~170 inches projection display size with a 1m to 5m projection distance. You can watch the images and videos on the big screen at the same time. You can connect it to a TV, computer screen or any other projection screen, and you can easily adjust the contrast and brightness settings to make it more convenient for your daily use.

It has a high-quality built-in speaker with a 1~35w integrated amplifier that is capable of producing a crisp and clear sound quality. The built-in speakers are compatible with the AUKing Mini Projector. It has a built-in digital amplifier; you can also add speakers to it to connect the projector to external speakers to listen to the higher-quality sound.

AuKing mini Projector 2022 is designed with a new fan cooling technology that significantly reduces the noise level. Even though the lamp life is longer, the lamp still doesn’t generate too much heat, so the cooling fan doesn’t have to work hard.

Low Noise & Long Lamp Life

Lamp life of 55,000 hours is enough to see a movie with a bright and clear picture for more than 15 years, and the projector consumes less electricity and has low operating noise.

This portable movie projector is fit for playing videos, TV series, photo sharing, football matches etc. It can easily connect with laptops, smartphones, tablets, USB drives, and X-Box ONE to enjoy big games. If you are connecting with a tablet or a smartphone, please purchase an extra HDMI adapter. It can support HDMI 1. 4 and HDCP 2. 2

With this projector, you can show photos, videos, television shows, and movies to the people around you. You can watch movies and TV shows and even play video games while still being able to see the image projected onto the wall.

If you are looking for a cheap projector for your home theater, this is a projector you can afford to buy. With 2 year warranty and low price, this is a very good choice. Not recommended for PPT or business presentation; it is a home theater projector. You can enjoy the fun on the outdoor journey in the dark. You can enjoy the fun on the outdoor journey in the dark.

So this is the right choice for you. For the next 30 days, you will receive a 20% discount with us. Most people don’t realize that this product is the perfect replacement for a projector. It has a 2-year warranty, and you get to return it if you don’t like it.

We have a 100% highly qualified customer service team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you with any queries you might have. They are very helpful and know everything about our product.

Mini projector for iPhone
Mini projector for iPhone (Image credit: Amazon)

Mini projector for iPhone


This projector offers you 3 years of warranty service.

It is very easy to use and carry.

The price is very reasonable.


There are no cons.

Elephas mini projector is one of the smallest projectors available today. It’s designed with 2022 new upgraded technology, comparable to the size of a smartphone, and you can easily hold it in your hand. It’s made to project great-quality HD images to the wall; it’s compatible with iOS/Android/Windows. It can connect to your computer and display pictures, videos, games, presentations, etc.

The portable projector has a mini projector with a carrying bag, which is convenient to carry. The portable projector for iPhone and a portable power station with a carrying bag and tripod. The portable projector is equipped with a mini stand. When the mini stand is folded, the projector measures only about 10cm. So it is very compact. The mini stand has two legs. When the projector is placed on the mini stand, it is supported. It’s very easy to use. It has a tripod, so you can use it at home. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The projector uses a new projection technology called “OSRAM LED”, developed in Germany. The projector has an LED light source and uses an aluminium alloy shell, along with an emerald glass lens with 24-bit true colour and more than 16.77 million colours to create a super slim and stylish design. The projector can be used for home theaters, education, presentations, or other purposes. It has a 200 inches large screen that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

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Projector With the Latest Technology] supports 1080P HD. This means that it can deliver high-quality video. This projector comes with an LCD panel. The mini projector uses the efficient heat dissipation system, which greatly reduces fan noise, with a built-in HIFI speaker, provides excellent sound quality without external speakers, and enhances your immersion in the movie experience. If you have a small room, the best solution is a mini projector, as it will make your room look bigger than it really is.

This mini projector supports several interfaces, including connecting to the projector using an HDMI, USB, audio and Chromecast interface, able and play movies, videos, games and music from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, as well as from other devices like TV sets, Blu-ray, DVD player, USB Flash Drive, Media players, Smartphones and AV receivers.

I think this little movie projector is good. I bought it for my son. He uses it very frequently. It can be used for watching movies on his iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other gadgets. It has good audio and video quality.

We offer 2 years of factory warranty on the Elephas 2022 projector. The Elephas 2022 is our latest model projector; we offer 3 years of warranty, and we ensure the warranty service is available within 2 months. In addition, if the manual method cannot solve the problem, we offer a 3-year free replacement.

We will send our specialists to your place for free to answer any questions you have. If you are having a problem, we will be there for you to help.

ManyBox Mini Projector
ManyBox Mini Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

ManyBox Mini Projector


It has digital lens technology.

A projector with high brightness and sharp images.

This projector is energy efficient.

It has a small footprint.


it doesn’t allow you to use a wireless remote control.

This ManyBox Mini projector is designed for enjoying movies and TV shows in your living room, kitchen, or dorm room. The LED lamp allows for a 70% increase in brightness and contrast ratio compared to previous projectors. The brightness of this projector is excellent, and it has a good colour display effect. It is a perfect choice for your home theater. You can watch videos of excellent quality without worrying about the quality of light and the background. The projector features a 2000: 1 contrast ratio and supports 1080P resolution, and it is an ideal choice for home entertainment.

This projector has a big screen. It is suitable for all kinds of gatherings, such as parties, dinners, family gatherings, business meetings, lectures, training seminars, and many more. There are different screen sizes, which will be suitable for different room sizes. 

It has a bright widescreen. Its screen size is 32 inches to 180 inches. You can project up to 12 feet away. It is great for presentation. It can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The projector can work in low light. It will consume less power.

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This product has two built-in speakers, which provide exceptional sound quality. You can easily adjust the volume with these speakers. These speakers are a built-in feature on the projector. They help you to listen to music and watch movies more clearly. It is great if you want to listen to your favourite songs. There is also a built-in fan on this product. This fan can help keep your projector cool while watching a movie. The lamp life is 45 000 hours. It has a DLP chip and an automatic lamp switch function.

ManyBox Mini Projector is one of the best features of this projector. It allows you to play movies, TV shows, photo sharing, football matches, etc, on multiple devices at the same time. This feature is very helpful in case you have guests over.

The capability enables users to play videos, photos, games, and various files on different devices. The projector can be connected to various devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, game consoles, etc.

Best Pick
Mini Projector, Portable WiFi
Mini Projector, Portable WiFi (Image credit: Amazon)

Mini Projector, Portable WiFi


It is very easy to set up and operate.

It is backed with a 3-year warranty.

It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.


It doesn’t have a long cable.

The AKIKI series of projectors has the latest wireless connectivity (RK3036 chip). It will allow you to connect to your home network wirelessly with the use of a USB adapter and will allow you to mirror to any device using either your smartphone or tablet. This means that you will not need a separate computer to mirror content to your projector.

We would like to introduce the new wireless technology RK3036, Chip-supports WIFI connection for both IOS/Android/Windows systems. It has been designed with the latest wireless technology, supporting the latest wireless connection standards.

You can easily share videos, movies, music and more with your friends and family. With this projector, you can share videos, movies, music and more with your friends and family using WiFi. You can easily connect to the internet using WiFi. This makes it easy for you to connect to the projector.

The mini projector is an ultra slim-profile portable projection system with a bright image quality that allows you to watch movies and videos anywhere, anytime. It can also be used in classrooms, home theaters, restaurants, and hotels.

The Light Cone Upgrade Technology is adopted to condense light better and increase the brightness by 30%. It is supported with contrast ratios 5000:1, 7500L, and 70% NTSC colour gamut, so you can see every moment in vivid and brighter details. With this mini projector, you will see every detail clearly.

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You can watch movies, videos, sports, games, etc., in any room at any time. It is perfect for home entertainment or outdoor camping for children and adults. The internal speaker is also built-in. You can connect the external speaker for outdoor use. You can easily set up and connect it.

This projector can be easily set up and operated. You just need to plug and play to stream from your phone or tablet. You can also connect with Fire Stick, Roku Stick, Chromecast, External Speakers, USB Disk, PS 4/XBOX, Laptop/PC, DVD Players, Player, and Mobile Phone/iPad via VGA/USB/HDMI/AV/Audio/WiFi Connection. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets running on Android 2.0 or later, iOS 7 or later, Windows 8 or later, or macOS Sierra or later.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality products at a reasonable price to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our mission is to provide the best customer service and support to our customers through our website, email, live chat, telephone, and local customer service.

We offer a three-year warranty and 6-month free replacement service; we are Certified with FCC, PSE, ROHS, CE and WEEE.

Wsky Video Portable Projector
Wsky Video Portable Projector (Image credit: Amazon)

Wsky Video Portable Projector


They are energy-efficient.

The user can control the brightness.

You can adjust the colour temperature as well as the dimming speed.

They last longer than traditional light bulbs.


They are not compatible with all lamp types.

Wsky Video Portable Projector is one of the main features of this projector. The projector’s high definition gives a very bright and clear image. This can be used for watching movies on a bigger screen, watching videos, and playing games. This means that the image looks sharp and clear. The contrast ratio of this projector is 5000:1. This gives you a very good picture.

This projector has everything that you need. It provides a perfect viewing size from 32ft to 176ft, a projection distance between 4ft to 16ft, and a 165-degree viewing angle. It has a portable design, making it easy to carry around. You could easily adjust the focus and keystone correction rings to avoid the out-of-shape.

Big Screen Wsky has an adjustable focus ring and Keystone correction ring, which helps to make the picture clear and free from distortion.

The single speaker built into the projector is capable of delivering decent sound quality. Even though the speaker is built-in, it is powerful enough to deliver a loud and clear sound. It has a maximum sound volume of only 4 watts. This is less than half of the maximum sound volume of some of the other speakers in the market. Dolby Audio technology is a powerful set of technology dedicated for providing rich, clear and breathtaking sound effects for home theater.

The most popular form of light bulb today. These are used mainly because they are more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs. These bulbs are capable of lasting longer than other light bulbs. They are also brighter than the old-fashioned bulbs. This makes them great alternatives to traditional light bulbs.

Conclusion Best Projectors under 100$

I hope that this article helped you with buying the right projector. You should take your time when choosing a projector. You should look for a projector that is portable, has great battery life, and can fit in your budget. 

I hope you have found what you were looking for at the end of the article. You have probably spent hours reading articles about the Top 10 Best Projectors under 100$, but if you aren’t sure which one to buy, then this article is just for you.

I hope that you have found what you were looking for. You can leave your comments and feedback below. Thank you for your time, and I hope it was helpful.

I hope you understand and Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best projector under 100?

When you think about it, you can’t compare different projectors. There are so many features that are specific to each one of them. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they are made with different materials. A good projector can cost you between $100 to $500, depending on how good it is. You can use it for many different types of events, like weddings, home theater, etc. You can also use them for business presentations, school projects, etc.

Is there a projector that will play Netflix?

While all of the projectors I have mentioned are very good, some specific ones are specially made for Netflix. This means that they will display videos from Netflix for you. You can play any movie or television show on Netflix with them. You won’t need to connect your computer to the projector.

Do you want a projector that has the capability to play Netflix on it?

Different companies offer a solution for this. You should do your research and see which one is the best. You should also see what kind of experience each of these companies has. Some of them are cheaper than others.

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